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June 14, 2008


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Never mind what's in Angelina Jolie's heart. And never mind that too few African Americans are taking up the charge to adopt some of the five million orphans in Ethiopia. So much easier to make fun of someone who did step up.


Thanks for writing this. I am a white mother of twin Ethiopian girls. A crying child from having her hair combed makes bonded just a little more challenging. There is great pressure from the black community on how I should do the girls hair, and if I am doing it "right". I know hair is important in this culture, sometimes I feel I will always be judged.


Your words are very thoughtful and kind. I do have such a hard time with someone picking on her, a little girl, about her hair. Pick on someone your own size, I say!


Fantastic! My niece is half black and her white mother let HER decide how she wanted her hair as soon as she was able. Keep it clean, other than that BUTT OUT! Maybe Z doesn't LIKE having her hair done? So what! I think she is beautiful, as is her hair. That "reporter" needs to mind her own business. How DARE she write one word about that baby's hair?

Crystal Schwartz

I will admit my naivety on this subject, but I think her hair is adorable. I love the natural look. I have always thought that natural looking hair is way cuter on little girls.


Thank you for this post! I couldn't agree more.


Zahara is beautiful in this photo. It's sickening that a writer would choose a small child to discuss something like this. I don't understand the callousness of a person like this.
Thanks for posting this. We need more images of children with beautifully kept natural hair.
What do we do?

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