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November 27, 2009


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oh...if we are referred a girl this is my number one fear...
i have no idea other than i know at a certain age i will let her have it and then like you find a way to put it at the back of the shelf

now...with my boy and the gun thing...i've lost the battle..

love your blog
love the photo!


I read your blog, but have yet to comment. I like your posts.

My daughter wants a baby doll - Ferenge color. And, she too likes the dolls that look nothing like her. I think you can't fight it. It was her money. You can push dolls you like, hide the book. I quickly vanished the Strawberry Shortcake backpack homecoming gift.


What to do? Do I let her have the Barbie dolls and push other types of dolls on her too?


Ugh. We have had many, many conversations around here lately about the yuk of Barbie and the Disney princesses. My oldest So wants to play with dolls like Barbie.... I So want there to be some realistic looking dolls with more natural looking black hair.

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