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January 25, 2010


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Bo Coughlin

Fantastic information - we have been trying to find some sort of reference on this for a while now (even our kids have gotten into the effort) searching etc. We are really trying - but after some of the comments we get from passers by we must not be doing to well. Our son is only 2, and we actually like to have him simply grow his hair out - is that wrong? Are we committing some sort of unwitting faux pas? Now I am the a dad, so I have no doubt I am doing something wrong - but really just want to make sure that we do the right thing here and without any real authority on the subject every time we get the ' don't know how to take care of his hair...' (which we of course take as - you stupid white people, why did you think you could have a black child...) Will literally take any pointers I can get here - or on anything. Our son is awesome, I just want him to know how awesome he is and how far we'll go to do what he deserves - hair may be just hair, but its all important in showing him he is as important as our other 4 kids. thanks again.


Thanks for this! I had read a little about flat twists, but didn't actually try them until I read this post. And just being a little more relaxed about how my daughter's hair looks helped too (e.g. not worrying so much that people will think I am the incompetent and uncaring white mother of an African American/Ethiopian American girl). So, the curls looked great, but turns out my girl preferred a ponytail...hmmm.


Okay, I can't even describe how awesome this post is. We're a Caucasian couple waiting for a referral for two Ethiopian children... and my nightmare (literally) is that if we have girls, I will wreck their hair so badly that passing AA women will gasp with shock and fright, and immediately KNOW that a white woman is responsible for that travesty! :o

I've got the how-to DVDs and the YouTube links and the line on an AA lady who does braids, but this is so helpful. Thank you, thank you!

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